Summer tips to make the most of your recruitment on INOMICS


Summer tips to make the most of your recruitment on INOMICS


With summer often a relatively quiet time for academics, free from lectures, grading papers and preparing students for exams, you might even find some time to plan ahead for the imminent academic year, not least staff and student recruitment. In this article we offer some advice on how to get ahead with your recruitment activities, and use the relatively quiet summer period to boost the performance of your INOMICS campaign. Make the most of your budget and your time with these top tips.

1) Re-Use and Re-Activate Previous Announcements

Our customer team will help you keep your content up-to-date online, or boost your next campaign. By keeping an existing page online, you can benefit from the “reputation” your opportunity has already gained with Google and other search engines (SEO).

2) Book your campaign in advance in the summer

We typically review our products and prices over the summer. If you are interested in unique products such as our Multichannel Campaign or booking visibility on the INOMICS Handbook, booking these deals early can help you benefit from the previous year’s prices.

3) Make the most of your Announcement layout

Starting at the Standard level, customers have access to an image gallery on their Announcement. Alternatively, you can build a customised Announcement and add tables, diagrams, and images in the text to better illustrate your offer to our audience, particularly in study programs.

4) Partner with INOMICS to get extra visibility for your Announcements

If your institution is open to endorsing reputable services like INOMICS to your community of students and researchers, contact us at to discuss a possible partnership. We offer partners increased visibility and special conditions.

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5) Keep your institutional profile updated

Each of your Announcements is linked to a free institutional profile on INOMICS. Our users check these profiles to learn more about their future employer or University. Having a rich profile with up-to-date and relevant information helps your employer branding.

6) Encourage your colleagues and professors to contribute to the INOMICS Blog

Whether a topic related to teaching economics, an opinion piece about economic trends, a piece of advice for students, or an explanation about a key economics concept, we have a place for it on our website. We highlight the author and affiliated institution in the articles from external contributors. Check out the INOMICS Teach section, Advice, Blog and Economics Terms A-Z for inspiration about the kind of articles we are looking for, or just for an interesting read!

7) Join our referral program and get a €100 personal gift for each new customer you refer to us.

Last but not least, get some extra rewards for yourself or your department. You can learn more about our referral program at

We hope these suggestions can help you achieve recruitment success in the rest of 2021 and 2022. On INOMICS, we combine our different channels to provide you with the best results, from brand recognition of your institution among economists to direct applications to your offers. If you have any questions or would like a free consultation from our team, please write to us at If this article was helpful for you, please share it with your colleagues and peers.