60th Annual Drosophila Research Conference

Genetics Society of America

March 27–31, 2019 | Dallas, TX

Join us in celebrating 60 years of buzz! The 60th Annual Drosophila Research Conference is the premier meeting for Drosophila researchers. Share your research with the fruit fly community and learn about the latest results and techniques. As many as 1,000 presentations cover the full diversity of Drosophila investigations, from genetics to molecular biology, cell biology, development, immunology, physiology, neuroscience, evolution, and more.

Early career scientists, including postdocs and students, will benefit from networking events, professional development and publishing workshops, poster review opportunities, and other initiatives designed by the Genetics Society of America to prepare attendees for success during their training and careers.


Topic areas below, but are subject to modification based on the distribution of research areas among submitted abstracts.

01 Cell stress and cell death 
02 Immunity and the microbiome 
03 Evolution 
04 Stem cells, regeneration and tissue injury 
05 Reproduction and gametogenesis 
06 Regulation of gene expression 
07 Chromatin, epigenetics and genomics 
08 Patterning, morphogenesis and organogenesis 
09 Signal transduction 
10 Cell biology: cytoskeleton, organelles and trafficking 
11 Cell division and cell growth 
12 Physiology, metabolism and aging 
13 Neural development and physiology 
14 Neural circuits and behavior 
15 Models of human disease 
16 Techniques & Technology 
17 Educational Initiatives

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