Biologics & Biosimilars Congress: USA

Designed for experts working in a variety of exciting areas in biological therapeutics this conference will provide in-depth studies of antibody-based therapies, advances in immunotherapy and immuno-oncology, as well as developments in protein biotherapeutic considerations, techniques and technologies. Alongside this, our Biosimilars session will provide an opportunity to discuss the latest in the regulatory and commercial landscapes and a forum to examine the next steps in this ever-developing sector.

The Congress is expected to host over 50 presenters and several panel discussions and roundtable sessions, with opportunities for poster presentations, networking and 1-2-1 partnership meetings. This interactive meeting will provide the opportunity to keep up to date on the cutting edge of research and technology, new strategies and recent case study examples, and to forge lasting connections with other experts in your field.


A key focus of this conference will be on recent developments in antibody-based therapeutics, including monoclonal and recombinant antibody design, as well as advances in ADC and bispecific antibody technology. Alongside antibody treatments in oncology, given the exciting developments in t-cell engineering and CAR-T therapies, this rapidly moving area will feature in our immunotherapy session. The protein biotherapeutics track explores a variety of topics in the development of biologics, including protein expression, novel scaffolds, and immunogenicity. Finally, our Biosimilars track will cover case studies as well as talks on IP and regulation.

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Boston, Massachusetts USA

Boston , United States

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