MAU Vegas 2017

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Opportunity and Efficacy of Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and Other Self-Serve UA Platforms

How to Navigate the Increasingly Saturated Influencer Marketing Ecosystem

Attribution Best Practices for TV, Radio, OOH, Podcasts and More

How Affiliate Marketing Is Finally Catching up to the Mobile App Boom

How to Best Incorporate Digital Video Into a Paid User Acquisition Plan

Maximizing Paid Placements in Google Play & iOS App Store While Defending Your Turf

The Latest and Greatest With FB, Remnant Display, and Universal App Campaigns

Converting Mobile & Desktop Web Traffic to App Downloads


How and When to Take Advantage of Interactive Notifications

Why Deep Linked Email Is Experiencing a Major Resurgence

Working SMS Into a Comprehensive CRM Strategy

Measuring the Efficiency and Incrementality of Paid Retargeting Across Display (Including FB)

The Adoption and Impact of Rich Push in iOS 10, and Comparable Opportunities on Android

Navigating the CRM Vendor Landscape From Do-It-All to Message Type-Specific Platforms

Blending and De-Conflicting User Action Triggered Push With Always on, Segmentation-Centric Campaigns

How to Protect Against False Negatives (and Positives) When Measuring the Impact of Push & Email


Learnings From the Early Days of the IMessage App Ecosystem

Picking an Analytics & Data Implementation That Allows for Informed Product Decisions While Also Supporting the Broader Organization

Simplifying Interfaces to Emphasize and Encourage Key Actions Rather Than Absolute Time in App

The Increased Prominence and Opportunity for Widgets in iOS10

Identifying the In-App Events That Are True Drivers of Long Term Retention, Irrespective of Source

Leveraging Deferred Deep Linking to Improve User Onboarding, SEO, Retention Campaigns and More

Tools & Processes to Manage SDK Overload

Marketing Automation: External vs. Home-Built Solutions, What to Truly Automate and Getting Results From Messaging Experimentation


Voice Is Here and It’s Big – How Early Pioneers in the Voice App Space Are Building for the Future

Early Learnings From and the Implications of Facebook’s Instant Games, Google’s App Streaming and a Potentially Download-less Future

How Real Is the Bots Craze? What Are Live, Useful Bot Implementations (Customer Service?), and How Do Bots Intersect With Growth + Adoption?

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