Panel on "At the Market of Values. Religions, Traditions and Human Ethics to Understand the Political Economy"

The call for paper aims to fulfilling essential purposes. To understand how actually the recent crisis is also a crisis of religious and ethical values that have been excluded from the economic science all over the centuries. In its purpose, we want to analyze the ethical values of religious origin and see how these values can correct, lead and support the element that has been distorted by the traditional conventional economy of positivistc and marginal tendency. we try to give an answer to the following questions: what are the religious roots, considered at the basis of the economic conception and of the capitalism? What are the reasons of the abandon of values and of the religious elements made by economy started from the middle of the XIX century? What are the proposals that the religions could to give to the global capitalistic economy with their thoughts and politics? We encourage abstract from theoretical and practical point of view.

To submit a peper, go on IIPPE website ( and fill the Electronic Application Form, choosing "Political Economy and Religions" Working Group. Moreover, send the abstract to the Coordinator, Salvatore Drago:

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Pula , Croatia

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