Single-use Technologies II: Bridging Polymer Science to Biotechnology Applications An ECI Conference Series

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Country: United States

City: New York City

Single Use Technology is being used more each year in the biotechnology industry. There is an increased interest in understanding the interaction of extractables with protein and cells as the application of the technology now span from cell banking to drug product. The first science-based conference in 2015 was well attended (approximately 100 people) and had representatives from end users, academia and suppliers (resin, film, sensors, single use components fabricators, and gamma radiation). The conference achieved its aim of initiating positive, scientific, collaborative discussions between various functional areas. This conference will be a continuation of a few topics addressed in 2015, which will be covered in greater depth, while expanding the discussion to novel technologies such as disposable sensors and application of single use and scale-up issues. It is imperative that all groups work together collaboratively to allow implementation of single use technology to reach its potential. In order for better understanding and communication among various functional areas, half-day pre-conference workshops will address the basics of biotechnology and polymers.

The following is a preliminary list of topics to be covered:

Pre-Conference Workshop

1)    Basics of Biotechnology
2)    Basics of Polymers


  • Properties of polymers as applicable to Biopharma
  • The infamous Extractables/Leachables
  • Interaction of Plastic with Cells/protein
  • Sensors and their integration/use with single use technology
  • Challenges of scale-up of single use
  • Advances in application of single use technology