Symposium - Analyzing Ideologies, Attitudes, and Power in Language Contact Settings

No registration fees. Talks will consist of a 20-minute presentation and a 10-minute period for questions.

SCIENTIFIC FIELD(S): Sociolinguistics; Linguistic Anthropology; Educational Linguistics; Discourse Analysis

MEETING DESCRIPTION: The aim of this symposium is to bring together scholars who are interested in how language ideologies and attitudes are constructed in multilingual or language contact settings, and how they may create unequal relations of power. We would like to discuss the methodological tools to access and analyze the processes and outcomes of language ideologies and attitudes in multilingual/contact settings. We welcome contributions that deal with any aspect of ideologies, attitudes and power in language contact settings (especially, but not limited to, multilingual settings involving Romance Language varieties).

Examples of relevant aspects:

- How do we identify adequate tools and methodologies to analyze identities, ideologies and power relations?

- What is the role of language ideologies and attitudes in the (unequal) distribution of power within a society/community?

- How are language ideologies interrelated with minority/majority identities and issues?

- How are power asymmetries reflected on languages in multilingual/contact settings?

- How are power relations enacted in, by, and through language in such settings?

- How do language sciences contribute to the formation of languages ideologies, attitudes, and identities?

We expect this symposium to challenge existing methodologies and theories, and to bring new ideas to address the possible outcomes of language ideologies and attitudes in multilingual settings. We trust that this meeting will yield new perspectives to further develop the field of language ideologies and attitudes and understand better how they are tied to power relations.



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Romanian and Classical Institution, Universitetsvägen 10 BC, Frescati, Stockholm

Stockholm , Sweden

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