Social Media RSS Feed en IEEE PhD Colloquium on Ethically Driven Innovation and Technology for Society <p><strong>IEEE PhD Colloquium on Ethically Driven Innovation and Technology for Society (PhD EDITS 2019) </strong></p> <p>The School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru, will host the 2019 IEEE PhD Colloquium on Ethically Driven Innovation and Technology for Society (PhD EDITS 2019) from August 17-18, 2019.</p> <p>The colloquium is an initiative by a group of scholars from different institutions, mentored by experts, to accentuate the need for research outreach to a wider scientific community and to the society at large. This two-day program aims at bringing PhD scholars and subject experts in a unified forum. The forum provides scholars a unique opportunity to present their research findings and eco-innovative ideas on all aspects of Engineering & Technology in ICT related domains driven by ethics in research and sustainable development for society.</p> <p>This is an IEEE approved event and technically supported by IEEE ComSoc, WIE, RAS and CE. The presented papers will be submitted for possible publication into IEEE Xplore.</p> Fri, 05/24/2019 - 13:33 1387020 1387020 42nd IAEE International Conference <p>Du mercredi 29 mai au samedi 1 juin 2019</p> <p>« HEC Montréal is proud to host the 42nd International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) Annual Conference in Montréal, Canada, from May 29 to June 1, 2019. The IAEE International Conference is a four-day conference on energy business, markets and policy. Over 500 international participants are to attend from all over the world. This year’s Conference will focus on the development of local energy sources, their abilities and challenges to reach global markets and how local energy sources can be developed to better meet societies’ energy needs.</p> <p>IAEE International Conferences provide opportunities for academics, policy makers, consultants and professionals from the energy sector to get informed and contribute to leading topics and issues on energy from an economics perspective. The event also aims to be a bridge between the latest science in energy economics and its relevance to practical hands-on experience in the energy sector. »</p> Fri, 05/24/2019 - 13:33 1387123 1387123 7th Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Medieval and Early Modern Group | University of King's College <h3>Co-sponsored by Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College</h3> <p>The Atlantic Medieval and Early Modern Group will hold a conference of their work on October 25 and 26 at the University of King’s College.</p> <p>If you are interested in presenting a paper (15-20 minutes in length) or organizing a roundtable or special session, please submit an abstract or description of roughly 300 words along with a brief biographical statement (300 words) to by <strong>May 24, 2019</strong>.</p> <p>We welcome papers from graduate students, as well as from regular members of AMEMG. Papers can be on any subject related to the pre-modern era, in any discipline, and can be presented in either English or French. Details about accommodations, the keynote, and an anticipated special treat to follow!</p> <p>Event DateLocationTagsShare this Post</p> <p>The world needs educated citizens who can steer ongoing debates and challenges away from easy answers towards deeper truths.</p> <p>Are you ready to be one of them?</p> Fri, 05/24/2019 - 13:33 1387139 1387139 Events | Denodo <p><strong>Events</strong></p> <p>The Beach Boys once sang “I Get Around” and so does Denodo. You’ll find us at conferences and summits, meetups and local events – you name it we’ve been there! We also do a lot of online events with leading industry analysts to let you know about some of the latest trends and challenges facing data management professionals and how data virtualization can help you. Look for the next time that we’ll be in your area…we’d love for you to drop in and say hello.</p> <p>Fast Data Strategy Road Tour - Calgary, Canada <small> Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - Wednesday, May 29, 2019 | Calgary, Canada </small></p> <p><small>If you are an architect, data scientist, or BI practitioner, don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights from inspiring presentations and informative discussions with industry analysts, thought leaders and your peers at Denodo’s inaugural Fast Data Strategy Road Tour in Calgary to advance your data science, cloud and analytics...</small></p> <p>Seattle, WA</p> <p><small>If you are an architect, data scientist, or BI practitioner, don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights from inspiring presentations and informative discussions with industry analysts, thought leaders and your peers at Denodo’s inaugural Fast Data Strategy Road Tour in Seattle to advance your data science, cloud and analytics...</small></p> <p>Mumbai, India</p> <p><small>We are excited to be part of the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Mumbai 2019 on June 10-11. Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO of Denodo and the Denodo India team will be meeting the Gartner analysts, analytics leaders, architects, CDOs and other data management professionals at this event. Visit our booth to have a chat about data...</small></p> <p>Frankfurt, Gernany</p> <p><small>Denodo is proud to sponsor this year Big Data Analytics in Frankfurt in June. Discover best practice, explore new strategies, identify emerging technologies and create a space for professional development, business growth and the advancement of big data as a set of capabilities. EVENT TOPICS: BDA fundamentals: Best practice on strategy...</small></p> <p>Toronto, Ontario</p> <p><small>Denodo will be a Bronze sponsor at the upcoming Big Data Toronto event hosted by XCORP. Big Data Toronto, now in its 4th edition, was created for businesses to discover and leverage the power of big data existing in their organizations.</small></p> <p>Chicago, IL</p> <p><small>If you are an architect, data scientist, or BI practitioner, don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights from inspiring presentations and informative discussions with industry analysts, thought leaders and your peers at Denodo’s inaugural Fast Data Strategy Road Tour in Chicago to advance your data science, cloud and analytics...</small></p> <p>Minneapolis, MN</p> <p><small>If you are an architect, data scientist, or BI practitioner, don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights from inspiring presentations and informative discussions with industry analysts, thought leaders and your peers at Denodo’s inaugural Fast Data Strategy Road Tour in Minneapolis to advance your data science, cloud and analytics...</small></p> <p>New York, NY</p> <p><small>Denodo is proud for its continued partnership with DAMA NY and hosting yet another DAMA DAY. Join us and learn how to “Put your Data to Work”. There are many new emerging Technologies soon to be leveraged in 2019, Data Virtualization being one of them.</small></p> <p>Munich, GermanySkaneateles, New York</p> <p><small>Denodo is sponsoring NYSERNet’s annual New York Chief Information office (NYSCIO) conference. Join this event to network with higher education leaders and hear from thought leaders across the nation as they share insights about the future of technology on campus. Stop by the Denodo booth to learn some use cases in the higher education.</small></p> <p>Montreal,Quebec</p> <p><small>Denodo is proud to be a premier sponsor of CIO Synergy Montreal, where 100  IT leaders collaborate in a day of thought-leading exchange as we examine directions from within the Office of the CIO; all under the umbrella of riveting keynotes, revealing panels, engaging roundtables and unparalleled networking.</small></p> <p>London, UKNew York, NY</p> <p><small>Denodo is excited to be a Premier sponsor at Strata Data NY. Strata Data Conference is where big data's most influential business decision makers, strategists, architects, developers, and analysts gather to shape the future of their businesses and technologies. Come say hello at our booth and grab one of our cool giveaways. See you there!</small></p> <p>Paris, France</p> Fri, 05/24/2019 - 13:32 1386734 1386734 The 2nd international future smart city conference 2019 (FSC) <h3><a href="">IEREK </a>organizes the second international on "<a href="">Future Smart Cities conference</a>" in collaboration with <a href="">Xiamen University Malaysia</a>, where the city has a promising potential of transformation to be smarter.</h3> <p>future Smart cities conference is a crucial argument to<strong><em> improve the quality of life</em></strong> through, <strong><em>leisure and connectivity, electronic data, sensors and ICT that used IT managing assets, commercial, industrial, traffic, networks and all matters that related to sustainable development and Eco-system</em></strong>. It helps people to have a positive interaction with the place, where they find a<em><strong> high performance of infrastructure</strong></em>. Major technological, economic and environmental topics are also in the scope to be discussed, <strong><em>innovation in ICT services</em></strong> has the main role to improve the public services and the quality of life and <strong>smart urban fabric</strong>.<em><strong> Decision makers, citizens, researchers, universities, companies, and planners are all invited to discuss this theme further and to maximize the benefits of the conference and get a successful proposal to the future smart city.</strong></em></p> <p><strong><em>NOTE:  Selected papers from this conference will be published in the “<a href="">Smart and Sustainable Environment journal </a>”, published by <a href="">Emerland publishing</a>. The journal is indexed in <a href="">Scopus</a>, which is a partner of <a href="">Clarivate Analytics</a>. Others will be published in the ARChive journal by IEREK Press.</em></strong></p> Thu, 05/23/2019 - 13:18 1386559 1386559 Practice of economic intelligence in Africa: Specificities and limits <p>Nowadays, the world business is characterized by the globalization of markets and the development of information technology. In fact, economic intelligence has emerged as a powerful implement for the competitiveness of countries and societies. Indeed, the contribution of intelligence lies in its ability to mobilize strategic information, skills and knowledge.</p> <p>Economic intelligence is considered as a tool for decision support or a skill to understand a complex environment in order to make the right decision.</p> <p>Moreover, knowing how to control the environment is more than vital for both companies and nations, especially where the global economy is marked by economic and informational war.</p> <p>In Africa, economic intelligence is considered as a key imperative for countries wishing to join the international economy. This is a significant component of economic development, which is one of African countries challenges in order to integrate the world economy.</p> <p>Indeed, the actors of the economic intelligence in Africa aim to be inspired by the experiments foreigners, to develop African initiatives while taking into account the specificities cultural.</p> <p>However, few scientific articles deal with the practice of economic intelligence or the strategic monitoring in the continent.</p> <p>In order to highlight the practices of the economic intelligence in Africa, the University Mohammed first of Oujda, the FSJES, organizes an international conference on the theme: <em>“<strong>Practice of economic intelligence in Africa: specificities and limits”</strong>.</em> The event is organized in partnership with the African Economic Intelligence and Intelligence Center and the Center for Research and Development of the Oriental.</p> <p>The main objective of this international colloquium is to bring together practitioners, professors and academics, as well as doctoral students and young researchers to enrich the debate on the specificities of the practice of economic intelligence in Africa and discuss the contribution of African economic intelligence model.</p> Thu, 05/23/2019 - 11:02 1386572 1386572 International Workshop on Advanced 2D Meterials – <p><strong>Home</strong></p> <p>The International Workshop on Advances in 2D Materials (IW2DM) is being organized under the auspices of the Indo-US joint R&D Network Center on 2D Nanomaterials, during 22-23 July, 2019 at Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) Thiruvananthapuram, India. The workshop aims to bring experts on a common platform to discuss the cutting edge innovations and recent happenings in this emerging area of material science. Workshop will host plenary and invited talks from world-renowned scientists, and a dedicated poster session on various aspects of 2D layered materials.</p> <p>Workshop Theme</p> <ul> <li>Growth Techniques</li> <li>Spectroscopy</li> </ul> <h3>Latest News</h3> <p>© 2019, IISER Thiruvananthapuram</p> Thu, 05/23/2019 - 07:14 1386565 1386565 Special Issue on "Inclusive and sustainable industrial development and measurement approaches for energy transformation" <p>Dear colleague,</p> <p>I flag a new special issue on "Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development and measurement approaches for energy transformation" on the journal Applied Energy. Papers on indices in the field of energy and climate change with an industrial policy focus are particularly welcome.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Please feel free to circulate the call to any potentially interested authors. Submissions over the period 30th June - 30th September.</p> <p>Regards.</p> Wed, 05/22/2019 - 14:04 1386561 1386561 Maple Conference 2019 <p>Close window</p> <h3><strong>Submission Deadline:</strong> June 14th</h3> <p>Maple Conference 2019 invites <strong>submissions of papers</strong> and <strong>extended abstracts </strong>(presentation proposals) on a range of topics related to Maple, falling into three broad categories:</p> <h3>Maple in Education</h3> <p>Topics could include, but are not limited to:</p> <ul> <li>Innovative/effective uses of Maple in the classroom (new ways to approach old problems, methods for using Maple to teach courses outside of traditional core math, impact on the curriculum, etc.)</li> <li>Measurable improvements in student performance after integrating Maple into a course</li> <li>Classroom tips and techniques/best practices drawn from experience</li> <li>Use of Maple in non-classroom based instruction</li> </ul> <h3>Algorithms and Software</h3> <ul> <li>Symbolic and symbolic-numeric methods for solving mathematical problems, from any field</li> <li>Algorithm optimization and performance tuning techniques</li> <li>Effective use of types and data representations for particular problems or domains</li> <li>User interfaces for mathematical problem solving</li> </ul> <h3>Applications of Maple</h3> <ul> <li>Applications that use Maple in unusual settings or in unusual ways</li> <li>Applications that push or extend the limit of what Maple can do</li> <li>Applications that explore critical world problems</li> <li>Applications that combine Maple with other technology</li> </ul> <p>All papers and extended abstracts will undergo peer-review. Accepted papers and extended abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings as part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science series from Springer.</p> <p><em>Note: While this conference is sponsored by Maplesoft, final selection of papers and presentations for the conference is made by the Maple Conference 2019 Program Committee.</em></p> <p> </p> <h3>Papers</h3> <p>Papers should not duplicate work published or submitted for consideration elsewhere. If your paper is accepted, at least one author is expected to attend the conference to present the paper. Papers must be in English and should not exceed 15 pages.</p> <p> </p> <h3>Extended Abstracts (Presentation Proposals)</h3> <p>Extended Abstracts for your proposed presentation must be in English and should be between 2 and 3 pages. If your presentation proposal is accepted, at least one author is expected to attend the conference to present the paper. All presentations at <strong>Maple Conference 2019</strong> are to be given in English.</p> <p> </p> <p>Submission is via EasyChair.</p> <p><strong>Conference Date</strong>: October 15 - 17, 2019<strong>Location</strong>: Perimeter Institute AND University of Waterloo. Both are located in Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA<strong>Program Chair</strong>: Ilias Kotsireas, Wilfrid Laurier University</p> <p><strong>Submission Deadlines</strong> Notification of acceptance/rejection: August 5, 2019 Camera-ready copy due: September 16, 2019</p> <h3>Program Chair:</h3> <p> </p> <p>Paulina Chin, Maplesoft James Davenport, University of Bath Jürgen Gerhard, Maplesoft Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, Universidad de Cantabria Jonathan Hauenstein, University of Notre Dame David Jeffrey, Western University Alexander Kobel, Max Planck Institut für Informatik George Labahn, University of Waterloo</p> <p>Viktor Levandovskyy, RWTH Aachen University Robert Martin, University of Waterloo John May, Maplesoft Guillaume Moroz, INRIA Fabrice Rouillier, INRIA Daniel Skoog, Maplesoft Mark van Hoeij, Florida State University Gilles Villard, Université de Lyon Stephen Watt, University of Waterloo Thomas Wolf, Brock University</p> Wed, 05/22/2019 - 08:58 1386550 1386550 ASCO 2019 | George Clinical <p><strong>How can George Clinical help you?</strong></p> <p>Schedule a meeting with one of our Business Development Team at any of these upcoming Conferences.</p> <p><strong>ASCO 2019 June 1 - 4th, 2019</strong></p> <p>Are you looking for answers to questions about an upcoming project? Do you need assistance to ensure your project is a success? Arrange a meeting with one of our business development team or stop by our booth, #21147. We will have members of our business development, operations, and scientific leadership teams available to help answer your questions.</p> <p><strong>Share Knowledge. Gain Insight, Improve Cancer Care.</strong></p> <p>The 2019  ASCO Annual Meeting offers education and scientific sessions in all disciplines of oncology-there is something for everyone.  Oncology professionals from around the world gathered to discuss state-of-the-art treatment modalities, new therapies, and ongoing controversies in the field.</p> <p>Caring for Every Patient, Learning from Every Patient | #ASCO19</p> <p> </p> <p>Will you be attending ASCO this year? Fill out the form below so we can invite you to join us!</p> <h3>Event Location</h3> <h3>Navigation</h3> Tue, 05/21/2019 - 13:21 1386505 1386505