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The Department of Economics consists of around 30 full-time faculty, 8 post docs and 60 PhD students. Our research covers a broad span in micro, macro, econometrics, labour, banking, finance, international and environmental economics as well as a number of interdisciplinary topics. A wide range of methods are employed, both theoretical and empirical. We aim to publish our research in leading economic journals, but also have a strong focus on policy relevance and disseminating our research results to the general public. See the area pages to further explore our research.



The Department of Economics supports the Bachelor and Master in Economics and other programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. We also offer service to other faculties.

Bachelor/Master of Science in Economics

Master of Science in Algemene Economie

Master of Science in Banking and Finance

If you want more information about eligibility criteria and the admission process, go to

Other programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

We offer a number of courses in other programmes at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. 

  • Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Management
  • Bachelor/Master of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor/Master of Science in Business Economics,
  • Bachelor/Master of Science in Business Engineering

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