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Whether you’re just getting started or looking to advance in your current role, you want an education that’s going to elevate you in today’s constantly evolving business world. Program and schedule options that fit your busy schedule. And personalized support that meets you where you are.

We’ve got all that – and more.


At DeVry University, the future value of your degree matters – to you and to us. From your very first interaction, through graduation and beyond, your success is our priority.

That’s why our learning approach engages and empowers you with technology and tools to help drive your academic and professional success. We strive to maximize the impact of your degree across career, personal and skill-based drivers, emphasizing not just hard skills but also soft skills like confidence and perseverance.


What do you get when you enroll at DeVry? A lot. Regardless of whether you attend classes online or in a hybrid format at one of our 45+ locations, you’ll get the same great education – along with an array of tools and support options to choose from.


DeVry University dates back 85+ years – with a rich history rooted in innovation and driven by modern technology. In fact, our founder, Dr. Herman DeVry, was the inventor of the first portable motion picture projector. He identified a need for tech-empowered, career-focused education, and established DeVry on the belief that visual learning would not only advance education – but change the world.

That vision, combined with those of Keller Graduate School of Management founders Dennis Keller and Ron Taylor, set the foundation for our university as we know it today – an innovative, accredited institution that thrives on developing hands-on, career-driven programs that elevate working adult students and positively impact the companies that employ them.

Are you ready to see how DeVry can help you write your next chapter of success?

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At DeVry University, our mission is to foster student learning through high-quality, career-oriented education that integrates technology, science, business and the arts. We offer hands-on undergraduate and graduate programs both online and on campus to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

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