Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Welcome to St. Petersburg and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University! Our University’s position as a world-class University is confirmed by its RAEX ranking: it is 11th among the top 100 Russia’s universities and the 36th place in EECA University Ranking. Our University has always been among the leaders of higher education in St. Petersburg

Our university is situated in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! The second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is rightfully called the cultural capital of Russia. A metropolitan city of five million people, it every year attracts nearly seven million tourists, of which about one half are foreign guests coming from all over the world. St. Petersburg was founded by the first Emperor of Russia, Tsar Peter the Great, as a multicultural city, always welcoming guests and specialists from other countries. Polytechnic University retains and strengthens this tradition which has become one of the essential features of our University. More than 6000 foreign students study at our university and this number keeps growing every year.

We are happy to invite those who are interested in good education to come to our university and benefit not only from its highly professional faculty, up-to-date university equipment and other facilities, but also have the great chance to live in our unique city with its famed museums, like the world-famous Hermitage, the Russian Museum with a great collection of Russian art like which one cannot see anywhere else, the Kunskamera, a museum founded by Peter the Great himself, and many others. Millions of tourists and guests come every year to St. Petersburg for a good reason, and you might have a chance to live and study here and keep the memory of its beauty for many years ahead.

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