Top Finance Conferences in Europe 2018

Top Finance Conferences in Europe 2018


Whether you are a finance student or a finance professional, there are a large number of conferences in the field of finance which can be beneficial for your subject knowledge and provide a boost to your career.

Below is our list of the best finance conferences happening in Europe later in this year, 2018

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The ten best finance conferences in Europe

1. International SAP Conference on Central Finance

Date: 12-13 Sep 2018

Location: Madrid,  Spain
Details: A European business-centric event aimed at finance professionals from a range of global industries. The topics focus on the transformation of financial data and the innovations in finance that can affect businesses.


2. Retail Banking Forum

Date: 10-11 Oct 2018

Location: Vienna, Austria

Details: This retail focused conference aims to support businesses in digital transformation, through avenues such as mobile banking, games, and digital finance tools.


3. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France

Date: 18 Jul 2018

Location: Paris, France

Details: For those who are interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and also in the broader topics of uses for the blockchain, plus practical issues like how to run an ICO to launch a cryptocurrency, this is the conference to be at. Crypto experts from international corporations will join other professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts for presentations from startups, a demo zone, and blockchain-based business solutions.


4. Global Commodity Trade Finance Conference

Date: 27 Sep 2018

Location: Lugano, Switzerland
Details: This conference is for commodity trade experts from multinationals, trading companies, financial institutions and service providers. With opportunities for networking and providing a learning platform for industry players, the aim is for attendees to share experiences, come up with new ideas, and build business relationships.

5.  The Economics, Finance, IT, Management, Marketing, MIS, International Business, Accounting, and Healthcare Management Research Conference

Date:  12-15 Jul 2018

Location: London, UK
Details:  This broad conference brings together researchers from a range of fields with relevant to the business community. It provides the opportunity for professionals and academics to interact with each other and with others from different disciplines.

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6. European Academic Research Conference on Global Business Economics Finance and Banking

Date: 13-15 Jul 2018

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Details: This conference will cover topics such as Global Business, Economics & Sustainability, Finance & Accounting, and Banking & Risk Management. The keynote speaker will be Prof. Marc Fetscherin, Department of Business, Rollins College, USA, and the guest of honour will be Prof. Faye Zhu, Rowan University, USA.

7. Bachelier Finance Society Conference

Date: 16-20 Jul 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Details: This conference, held in Dublin, is the premier event in the international quantitative and mathematical finance calendar. It attracts hundreds of participants when it is held every two years. Speakers this year come from highly regarded institutions such as UC Berkeley, University of Lausanne, Osaka University, ETH Zurich, and more.

8. Baader Investment Conference

Date: 24-27 Sep 2018

Location: Munich, Germany
Details: Hosted by the Baader Bank Group, this capital market conference is focused on major German, Austrian, and Swiss stocks. Companies attend the conference to present an overview of their corporate developments to an audience of local and international investors. Topics to be covered include the rise of digitization within the finance sector, financial policy uncertainties, interest rate policy, and the election in Germany.

9. MaTax Conference

Date: 04-05 Oct 2018

Location: Mannheim, Germany
Details: This conference focuses on tax research, with attendance from experts in the fields of economics, law, political science, and other disciplines. This year's conference covers the themes of corporate taxation, tax avoidance and evasion, behavioural responses to taxation, tax adjustment within the European Union, tax economics, international taxation, taxation and taxation of the financial sector.

10. Bank Capital Management Conference

Date: 19-21 Sep 2018

Location: London, UK
Details: This conference from Marcus Evans looks at “strategic capital management at group and entity level to improve performance at a time of heightened regulatory requirements particularly from ‘Basel IV’.” The new financial regulations that have been put in place since 2008 are considered and ways that companies can profitably comply with the regulations will be discussed.

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